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September 18, 2014

Dave Beulke

DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” Additional Monitoring Capabilities

DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” was recently released as DB2 LUW Version 10.5 Fix Pak 4. As I wrote about last week, IBM has put a number of impressive features in this new update. Within DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” Fix Pak 4 there are several new and interesting monitoring elements. These new monitoring...

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Ember Crooks

DB2 Quick Tip: Checking Connection State

Sometimes the connection state is unclear. The following can all make it fuzzy wether or not you have a valid connection: A db2 error or warning related to your connection A system error related to...


September 17, 2014

Craig Mullins

Plan to Attend IBM Insight 2014

The IBM Insight conference is just around the corner and if you care about DB2, Big Data, Analytics, data warehousing, or really, anything at all about enterprise data, then Las Vegas is the place to be the week of October 26 thru 30, 2014. But what is IBM Insight? Well, you may remember it as the IBM Information on Demand conference, or IOD for short, Yes, IBM has renamed the...

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September 16, 2014

Adam Gartenberg

Introducing Watson Analytics: Analytics for Everyone

When you've got a new solution being compared to the transformational power of the spreadsheet and the iPhone, you just might be on to something. At its heart, Watson Analytics is designed to let...

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Ember Crooks

Example of A Clustering Low-Cardinality Index Helping Query Performance

The request from the developers was something along the lines of “Help, Ember, this query needs to perform better”. Sometimes the query I’m working on is not one that shows up as a...



Bind Option Conflicts

Last week I discussed dirty reads and how isolation level (UR) is used to read uncommitted data. In the course of my research for that...

Triton Consulting

Addressing IT skills shortages within Local Authorities

Many local authorities are facing very difficult spending decisions and are dealing with running an IT service which is chronically understaffed in order to meet spending requirements. From working directly with public sector organisations we know how difficult this can … Continue reading...

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September 15, 2014

Dave Beulke

6 Reason Why DB2 10.5″ Cancun Release” Is So Important

The new DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” was recently released as DB2 LUW Version 10.5 Fix Pak 4. IBM has done a lot of work and put a number of impressive features in this DB2 LUW Fix Pak 4. All these new DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” features remove any doubts or restrictions about going to the . . ....

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DB2 Guys

Rapid Insight With Results: Harnessing Analytics in the Cloud

By Basiruddin Syed DB2 Social Marketing Manager “It’s Now or Never” is a popular song recorded by Elvis Presley and the lyrics of this song seem to appeal to us now more than ever. Every day we are making decisions in our lives, both personal and financial. We are often seen contemplating which holidays to book, […]

September 13, 2014

Craig Mullins

Submit an Abstract for IDUG NA 2015 in Philadelphia

Yes, it is time to start thinking about next year's IDUG DB2 Tech Conference already, especially if you are hoping to deliver a presentation there. The conference will be in the Philadelphia area in 2015, a first for IDUG... well, actually, the conference will be held at the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA - but that might as well be Philadelphia. I was born and raised in...

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DB2Night Replays

The DB2Night Show z49: Understanding Query Transformation in DB2

Presented by: Dan Luksetich DanL Consulting Inc. "The DB2Night Show z49: Understanding Query Transformation in DB2" Replays available in WMV and M4V formats! 100% of our studio audience learned something! Dan gave a detailed look at how DB2 performs query transformation, how you can monitor it, and considerations for SQL and application performance. Watch the replay...

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IBM Press Room

IBM and Yonyou Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Big Data and Analytics Adoption

IBM and Yonyou Software Co. Ltd, the largest enterprise ISV in the Asia Pacific region, today announced a strategic collaboration to accelerate the adoption of IBM Big Data & Analytics technologies to help customers gain business insight and run their applications more efficiently and at much lower cost.
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September 11, 2014

DB2 Guys

Make Your Apps Highly Available and Scalable

By Vinayak Joshi Senior Software Engineer, IBM The IBM premium data-sharing technologies offer unmatched high-availability and scalability to applications. If you are a JDBC application developer wanting to explore how these benefits accrue to your application and whether you need to do anything special to exploit these benefits, my article – “Increase scalability and failure […]

September 10, 2014

Willie Favero

September 11, 2001 - 13 years ago

Where were you?   (c) 2001 The Record, (Bergen County, NJ)     September 11, 2001

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Chris Eaton

Back to School Means Conference Season for Me

The kids are now back in school and the weather in Toronto is starting to get much cooler in the evening. That means one thing to me (no not time for turkey and pumpkin pie), it means it’s time to hit the road for conference season.  Not including competitor’s conferences that I attend to make sure I’m current on all the latest technology available in the market but from the DB2 side the first o


September 09, 2014

DB2 Guys

I’m Your Big Data Problem: Integrate THIS!

by Rachel Bland Senior Product Manager, IBM Business Analytics Growth Initiatives Let’s take a look at my profile. Gen X-er. Young kid, busy job, work-life integrated. I will not answer your online surveys, I won’t even answer the phone unless I know who it is because if you really knew me you’d send a text. […]

Ember Crooks

HADR Tools: the HADR Simulator

I have not made extensive use of the HADR Tools that IBM offers in the past. Most of my HADR setups to date have either been same-data-center using NEARSYNC or have used ASYNC to copy data between...



Implementing 'Dirty Reads'

I was recently asked about "dirty reads." This term refers to setting an application's SELECT statement to avoid taking locks while reading and processing uncommitted...

September 08, 2014

Data and Technology

All or Nothing?

Why is it always “all or nothing” in the IT world? The prevailing wisdom these days is that PCs are dead, and that everybody will move to smart phones, tablets and the cloud. This is hogwash. First...

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DB2 Guys

Influence Your Data Management Future Today

By Radha Gowda Product Marketing Manager, DB2 and related offerings Too many tools! Too many repositories! Too many installs! Focus on enterprise deployment rather than database deployment.  Any of these sounds familiar? Yes, we heard you. While IBM offers an impressive portfolio of data management tools to manage the complete data life cycle, we agree that […]

September 05, 2014

DB2Night Replays

The DB2Night Show #138: Upgrading to DB2 V10.5 Best Practices!

@mstopfer1 Special Guest: Melanie Stopfer, DB2 Brain Surgeon, IBM Software Group Upgrading to IBM DB2 LUW V10.5 Best Practices and tips! 100% of our audience learned something! Our studio audience was filled with inspiration and gratitude for Melanie's presentation! Watch our replay and you will see a complete cookbook for how to upgrade, what to watch out for, undocumented tricks that will speed up your upgrade, and even a recipe for...

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DB2 Guys

Troubles Are Out of Reach With Instant Insights

By Radha Gowda Product Marketing Manager, DB2 and related offerings Bet you have been hearing a lot about shadow tables in DB2 “Cancun Release” lately.  Umm… do shadow and Cancun remind you of On the beach by Cliff Richards and the Shadows?  Seriously, DB2 shadow tables can make you dance to a rock ‘n’ roll on […]

September 04, 2014

DB2 Guys

Upgrading Your Business With Next-Generation Data Technologies

By Les King Director, Big Data, Analytics and Database Solutions – Information Management, Software Group Out in the field I meet with businesses daily to help demonstrate how they can leverage big data solutions to increase their bottom line. As I’m talking with clients one of the topics that continually comes up is what this […]

Craig Mullins

The Importance of SLAs and RTOs

Assuring optimal performance is one of the most frequently occurring tasks for DB2 DBAs. Being able to assess the effectiveness and performance of various and sundry aspects of your DB2 systems and applications is one of the most important things that a DBA must be able to do. This can include online transaction response time evaluation, sizing of the batch window and determining whether it is...

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Dave Beulke

Three More Reasons Why Millennials Benefit from Engaging with the Mainframe

Thanks for all the feedback from last week’s blog here on millennials and mainframe systems. This week I talk about what other attributes and ideas the millennials can get from the mainframe systems, their development, and the people who support the technology. Millennials can learn corporate...

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Ember Crooks

Checking the Output of SQL Scripts and Commands for Errors

Many DBAs who have been DBAs for a while have been bitten by executing an SQL script, not thoroughly checking the output, and finding later that one or more statements in the SQL script failed. I...


September 03, 2014

Vincent McBurney

With Information Server 11.3 you are better off with a Bundle

IBM Information Server 11.3 has removed authorised user license requirements for anyone buying on of the product bundles.

Willie Favero

A new DB2 for z/OS Diagnostics Guide is available

(Posted Wednesday, September 3, 2014) It?s that time again.   It?s time to get your up-to-date copy of the DB2 for z/OS Diagnostics Guide for your flavor of DB2.   And why am I singling out this one particular manual?    The Diagnostics Guide is conside...

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Susan Visser

How Data Will Power the Internet of Things

Here's a definition of the "Internet of Things" :

"a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data."

In the spirit of joining everyday objects, IBM has joined Cisco for a two-part series of tweetchats:

Lauren Friedman and Clara Alvarado  will be promoting, co-hosting, and joining our chat: How Data will Power the Internet of Things
Wednesday, September 10, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm ET

Hosted by @IBM_Infomix (Oliver Clark) our special guests for this Twitterchat are:

Gary Barnett - @THINKOVATION

James Kobielus -@jameskobielus


Later, James will join the #IOTChat hosted by @Cisco_IOT (Lauren) to continue the discussion.  This chat is also Sept 10, but from 2:00 - 3:00 EDT.


This collaboration is a huge opportunity for us to expand our knowledge about this topic as well as our network of IOT experts. 


I hope you can join us!


The Details:

You can follow along—and join the discussion using the hashtag #IoTChat

We look forward to your thoughts and comments on #IoTChat twitterchat hosted by @IBM_Informix (Oliver Clark) and @Cisco_IOT (Lauren Friedman)


How do you join in?

If you use a Twitter client like Tweetdeck or HootSuite, create a search column for the term #IoTChat. Then as participants tweet with the #IoTChat hashtag, those tweets will appear in your column.


How do you participate?

Review the discussion questions so you can prepare your thoughts and answers. When the question is posed, begin your response with A1: for question 1 and A2: for question 2, and so on. This makes it easier to follow the conversation throughout the chat. No answer is wrong!



Discussion Questions


Q1) What do you see as the “real” opportunity of the Internet of Things? How will IoT drive revenue?

Q2)  How will data management strategies and approaches need to change to capture data from devices on the network?

Q3)  What are the deployment scenarios available to extend legacy database architectures to take advantage of the IOT opportunity?

Q4)  With more and more operations residing on the "edge", what will be the new demands on database storage and transmission models considering the limitations on network bandwidth?

Q5)  With the proliferation of devices/sensors capturing data, what security and privacy concerns are arising?

Q6)  With thousands of data formats and protocols, will the industry move toward standardization and regulation?

Q7)  Where do you see the largest complexities for IoT arising?

Q8)  How will all of the “internets of things” connect? 


To prepare for this chat, I suggest you read this whitepaper:

How Data Will Power the Internet of Things


The questions for Part 2 will be published later.  Follow #IOTChat for details.



DB2 Guys

Coming Events: September Webinars, Webcasts and Conferences for DB2 Professionals

As the summer fades and the kids head back to school, it’s also time for you to learn something new! Here is list of online webinars and live events throughout the month of September. Check your Calendars, and join us to find out more: Webcast: Is Your Database a Hero or a Hindrance? – September […]

September 02, 2014

Data Studio Team

New IBM Database Management Tools Releases for DB2 Cancun and Beta for IBM Data Server Manager

This week with the release of DB2 Cancun, we also announced many new releases of IBM Database Management Tools for Linux, UNIX and Windows.  Here is a summary of the new releases of the tools:

High Performance Unload

DB2 Recovery Expert

DB2 Merge Backup

Optim Performance Manager 5.3.1

Data Studio 4.1.1

Optim Query Workload Tuner 4.1.1

InfoSphere Data Architect 9.1.2

DB2 Connect

Optim Workload Replay

From Day 1 we are building on top of DB2 Cancun capabilities to provide support for key new features such as DB2 BLU, pureScale and the newly announced shadow tables. 

I would also like to introduce the beta for IBM Data Server Manager.  This is the next generation of tooling that will integrate key capabilities from the database tools platform for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.  We strive to take a design first approach to this tooling so that users can enjoy day to day database administration and performance management tasks.  Early feedback has been very positive and I encourage you to take a test drive so you can help us shape this new tool.  See here to participate in the IBM Data Server Manager Early Access Program.

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planetDB2 is an aggregator of blogs about the IBM DB2 database server. We combine and republish posts by bloggers around the world. Email us to have your blog included.