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October 20, 2016

DB2Night Show News

Top 20 DB2 LUW Shows by Replay Downloads Sept 2015 to Oct 2016

The DB2Night Show is pleased to share a ranked list of the Top 20 most popular DB2 LUW show downloads from September 2015 to October 2016 (Season #7 plus recent). If you haven't downloaded and...


October 18, 2016

Kim May

#IBMWoW “Help!! My Manager Said We’re Getting Off the Mainframe!” Monday, 10/24, 5-6pm

The IBM System z channels team has just invited The Fillmore Group to present another session at next week’s World of Watson Conference. The session, titled, “Help!!  My Manager Said...

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DB2 12 REORG To Support EasyTier

Storage technology keeps improving, which is obviously a good thing. However, DBAs may not always be up to date on these changes and how they impact application performance. (In our defense, we DBAs have a lot on our plates!) I started writing about this two years ago, and followed up by asking the potentially contentious question, “Are REORGs Still Necessary?”


DB2 12 for z/OS Tools: What's Improved

Following up on last week's DB12 for z/OS announcement, I want to discuss the supporting tools, which include the DB2 utilities.
Big Data University

This Week in Data Science (October 18, 2016)

Here’s this week’s news in Data Science and Big Data. Human Robot Overlap

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October 17, 2016

ChannelDB2 Videos

How to restrict number of active database in DB2?


Hello Welcome to DB Tutorials. We are going to look at "how to restrict number of active database in DB2?" Now open run, by pressing win+R and type db2cmd, t...
Jack Vamvas

How TO troubleshoot ADM8010E Backup was unable to copy requested log file

During a recent review of backup failure exceptions this error message appeared:

SQL2428N The backup operation did not complete because an error was encountered while the backup utility was retrieving the log files.

The platform was DB2 LUW 10.1 on Red Hat Linux 6 integrated with the Avamar Plug in 7.1 .

The db2diag log file reported this error message at the same time:

ADM8010E Backup was unable to copy requested log file "0003456.LOG" for inclusion in the backup image. The backup has been aborted

The backup method used is ONLINE with INCLUDE LOGS. For a successful ONLINE BACKUP with INCLUDE LOGS   all active logs from the time of the ONLINE BACKUP starting  to the Online Backup record must be included .

How do you troubleshoot this error?

  1. Verify if the log file is no longer active. Has the file been archived and subsequently been manipulated ? For example deleted , renamed, security path change
  2. If during the ONLINE BACKUP the log file is archived . When the transaction log file is archived , the ONLINE BACKUP attempts to retrieve the file from the archive. If the file is not available in the archive , that is when the SQL2428N error appears.
  3. You may find you can see the log file via the backup utility , but the ONLINE BACKUP cannot retrieve the file. Check the log on account has access to this file
  4. DB2 LUW archival logging works by configuring LOGARCHMETH with the target archival logging method. DB2 LUW receives a message from LOGARCHMETH, which moves the active log into the archival logging path. Once the archival logging process completes, DB2 LUW no longer manages the file when it’s in the archival log. 
  5. The key message is to explore the possibility of some sort of log file manipulation once it’s in the archival log. Some examples include archival logging clean up or deletion
  6. Although generally true – there are various configurations in DB2 LUW and utilities , such as db2adutl (How to use Db2adutl delete logs (DBA DB2)) while allow a DBA to connect to TSM and delete files.

October 14, 2016

DB2Night Replays

DB2Night Show #z73: Justified Big Data Performance transforms your business

Presented by: Dave Beulke Dave Beulke, IBM Gold Consultant and Champion for IM "The DB2Night Show z73: Justified Big Data Performance transforms your business" Replays available in WMV and M4V formats! 100% of our studio audience learned something!Dave shared information on the IDAA with techniques to justify its savings as well as workload tuning tips to take better advantage of the IDAA. Watch the replay...

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October 13, 2016

Big Data University

How to run a successful Data Science meetup

Meetups have become very popular in the past few years, but it is not easy to get a meetup community going successfully. Every now and then different meetups just ‘die’. Like many other community initiatives, you need to nurture your community and provide value. Though having some funds to run the meetups definitely helps, it is not necessarily the main factor for success.

The Big Data University (BDU) Toronto Meetup ( recently surpassed 6200 members! and it currently sits as the #9 largest Data Science meetup worldwide, where the top spots are based out of New York and San Francisco. Most if not all of these Data Science meetups started one to three years before us though, and the audience is not exactly the same.

In the case of the BDU-Toronto meetup, what started back in 2014 as a pilot has turned out to be one of our most successful initiatives in Toronto and other cities in Canada and around the world. Just like BDU itself, the BDU meetup started in a similar fashion to a startup company: Little to no funding, many people opposing to creating it, and no established venue. Our first meetup attracted about 25 people. Today, without any marketing other than posting events in, we get at least 100 people to attend per meetup! Just like a startup, we pivoted a few times, where the meetup name changed, and the topic/interest was narrowed down.

There are several reasons why the BDU meetup has been very successful, especially in Toronto, where it started. First of all, you know a meetup is successful when you see a healthy number of new members joining weekly; but moreover, if you’ve had a chance to attend our events, you will see first hand the excitement and engagement of the community. In most of our meetups, about 90% of attendees stay all the way until the meetup is finished (typically around 9pm). Last week we held our ultimate proof that our meetup is rocking!. On a Friday evening of a long weekend, we scheduled a meetup to discuss *volunteer* opportunities in Data Science. We booked the IBM downtown Toronto venue, and we got 200 RSVPs and probably more than 100 people showing up! We started the event with a big “Wow!

In my opinion, these are the reasons why the BDU-Toronto meetup is succeeding:

  • It focuses on quality of delivery and content.
    Our main presenters, Polong Lin (IBM Data Scientist) and Saeed Aghabozorgi (IBM Senior Data Scientist) spend a lot of time preparing. They are eager and proud to present and share their knowledge. They choose great examples. They also vet any other presenters from the community to ensure they are good presenters and have good materials themselves.
  • It delivers value to attendees: Everyone always learns something
    The person who arrives to our meetup when it starts is not the same as the one who leaves at the end of the event. This person is ‘transformed’ with new skill!
  • It uses a hands-on approach to learning.
    We use the Data Scientist Workbench (DSWB) for our interactive learning sessions. Minor to no setup required!
  • It is held in a vibrant area of the city, with easy access
    The downtown area in Toronto is vibrant and has easy access to public transportation (subway), is close to universities, colleges, startup companies, large financial companies, incubators, institutes, hospitals, research centres, and entertainment!
  • It teaches hot technologies and concepts about Data Science, Big Data, and Analytics.
    These are hot areas these days that everyone, no matter the background, should learn. By the way a quick way to get started is by taking the Data Science 101 course at BDU. In less than a month this course has had more than 8000 registrations!
  • It has an active organizer team
    We are a small team of organizers, but we have almost mastered how to put together these events.
  • Events are scheduled frequently
    Frequent events mean the momentum is never lost
  • We are not afraid to try new things.
    We’ve already supported mini-hackathons, hackathons, a Data Science meetup for developers, and this past summer we sponsored a Data Science bootcamp.
  • We partner
    We have partnered with universities (University of Toronto, Ryerson U), university data science clubs, colleges (Lambton College), institutions (STEM Fellowship), other meetup groups (R Users Group).
    This helps us with promotion, awareness, and finding other presenters and topics.
  • We attend to community requests
    We get the community going by replying to their inquiries or issues. We have also recently set up a Slack group ( to get the community talking between themselves.
  • We offer free pizza and pop
    We offer free pizza and pop at the beginning of the meetup to encourage people to arrive early and so people are not hungry while learning once the meetup starts!
  • It is free!
    The event, the materials, the software, the food … all free!

People feel attending the meetup is time well spent. We know there is room to improve, especially in finding a good venue with good internet that can host us permanently. We also know our LiveStream is not very reliable, and that our registration system is not the best. We are working on all of these fronts, but our budget is a limiting factor!

We are proud to have started BDU meetups in other cities. The last part of the URLs below tell you were they are located:

If you would like to start your own BDU meetup in your city, please contact me! Having a local active organizer is very important. We can help you get established, but we need your long-term commitment.

If you are in Toronto, I hope to see you at our next meetup this October 20th! We’ve sponsored a Data Science for High School course (with credit in Ontario, Canada) and we will talk about this. As mentioned earlier, we are not afraid to try new things!

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Kim May

Another WoW! Break Free Forum Panelist Frank! #IBMWoW

Frank Fillmore has been invited to be a panelist at the invitation-only Break Free Forum at the IBM World of Watson Conference.  Frank will be featuring IBM’s successful efforts to take market...

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October 12, 2016

Craig Mullins

The Tao of DB2 - Part 9: The Five R's

The last time we checked in on our experienced DBA and his young intern the lesson was focused on when to REORG. The intern was sent away to learn all about Real Time Stats and RUNSTATS. Let's see how he is progressing... "So, the Real Time Stats can be used to help me figure out when it is time to run a utility, like REORG, on my DB2 objects. There area a lot of different statistics and hte...

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October 11, 2016

Scott Hayes

Great Reasons to attend IDUG EMEA in Brussels!

The early bird might be dead, but you can still get a big worm! Use registration code "2016DBI25" and get 25% off your conference registration! This is made possible by a cooperative effort between top IDUG Exhibitors and IDUG inasmuch as vendors are seeking to help boost attendance at this incredible conference! This is just one great reason to attend IDUG EMEA - saving money! Continue reading for more great reasons to attend!

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Big Data University

This Week in Data Science (October 11, 2016)

Here’s this week’s news in Data Science and Big Data. Brain AI

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Henrik Loeser

Extend the Bluemix CLI Through Plugins

Put a smile in your cloud As much as I like nice graphical user interfaces (UIs) and working with the browser, for most tasks I prefer using the command line. I have done so and still do for working...

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Triton Consulting

The clock is ticking for DB2 10

DB2 10 will cease to be supported by IBM from September 30th 2017. Those organisations who are still running DB2 10 now have less than a year to move off this release and upgrade to DB2 11. An average upgrade … Continue reading →

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Thoughts on DB2 12

Last week IBM announced DB 12 for z/OS and its Oct. 21 general availability. Of course there's a lot to dissect -- and I'll certainly be getting into specifics of DB2 12 features in the weeks and months ahead -- but for now, here are some of my initial reactions.

October 10, 2016

DB2Night Replays

The DB2Night Show #185: Monitoring IBM BigSQL - Similarities to DB2 LUW

Follow @NailahBissoon !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); Special Guest: Nailah Bissoon, Performance Architect, IBM BigSQL Monitoring IBM BigInsights BigSQL How does it compare to monitoring DB2...

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October 07, 2016

Data and Technology

Managing Database Application Performance

A database application requires constant interaction between various disparate computing resources to operate efficiently and according to specifications. Realistically, the tuning of a database...

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October 06, 2016

Henrik Loeser

Easy to identify: Does the table have a primary key?

Primary Key Next week I am going to teach students database basics again. One of the topics will be primary keys and how they help enforcing uniqueness and identify each of the stored objects....

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October 05, 2016

Dave Beulke

Process to Justify an IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) Part 3

Every mainframe DB2 shop should investigate reducing their costs by offloading workload to an IDAA appliance. By investing in an IDAA appliance and sending your SQL workloads to it, you can speed up your processing without making any application changes. After investigating my daily SQL workload, I...

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October 04, 2016

Big Data University

This Week in Data Science (October 05, 2016)

Here’s this week’s news in Data Science and Big Data. Pizza Robot

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Craig Mullins

The Tao of DB2 - Part 8: REORG and Statistics

When last we looked in on our Taoist DBA and his young mentor they were dealing with performance issues. They were dealing with performance issues as they arose... reactively. The last question the intern had asked his mentor was a good one: "So is there more that I need to know about DB2 performance management?"  Well, today the mentor is instructing his intern on how to be more proactive,...

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Triton Consulting

DB2 12 for z/OS Launch Webcast – TODAY!

We are excited to announce that Julian Stuhler of Triton Consulting will be co-hosting IBM’s launch webcast for DB2 12 for z/OS.  Julian will be speaking alongside Jeff Josten, Tom Ramey and Haakon Roberts of IBM.  Join the webcast here… … Continue reading →

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DB2 12 In-Memory Table Optimization

Following up on last week's post on real memory and in-memory index optimization, here's a little more about the upcoming DB2 12. The new release will support in-memory tables that use in-memory contiguous buffer pools.

October 03, 2016

Kim May

TFG @ World of Watson #IBMWoW

Just three weeks from today IBM’s World of Watson conference begins!  I am looking forward to attending and presenting, along with Frank Fillmore.  If you’ve never attended World of...

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September 30, 2016

DB2Night Replays

The DB2Night Show #Z72: DB2 for z/OS Distributed Access - In the Mobile Age

Presented by: Adrian Burke DB2 for z/OS SWAT team "The DB2Night Show #Z72: DB2 for z/OS Distributed Access - In the Mobile Age" Replays available in WMV and M4V formats! 100% of our studio audience learned something!Adrian gave many tuning and management tips for distributed and mobile apps. Watch the replay...

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DB2 Guys

IBM DB2 sessions at IBM Insight at World of Watson conference

As organizations develop next-generation applications for the digital era, many are using cognitive computing ushered in by IBM Watson technology. To make the most of these next-generation applications, you need a next-generation database that must handle a massive volume of data while delivering high performance to support real-time analytics. At the same time, it must […]

September 29, 2016

Big Data University

Mexico: Amazing interest in Data Science


When I was asked by Raul F. Chong, BDU WW leader, about the opportunity to travel to Mexico to deliver the bootcamp I had been running in China, I was hooked immediately. Tequila was of course my main motivator (just kidding!). I was curious about the interest in Data Science in other countries other than North America, and China.

From September 19 – 22, I had the honor to deliver the Data Science bootcamp in collaboration with IBM to 80 participants (40 university professors, 15 researchers and 15 IBM employees) in Guadalajara, Mexico. This city is like an IT hub in Mexico with big companies like IBM (5000 employees), Intel, Oracle, HP, etc. It has a large population, and it has the second biggest university in the country with 17 campuses!

In this bootcamp, I gave an intro about Data Science, Big Data University,  and then hands-on workshop on Intro to R language, data analysis, visualization, , machine learning and working with Spark. The bootcamp was very successful and I believe it was academically profitable for participants. The bootcamp was offered at no charge, with the motivation to get professors to teach this knowledge to their students. The ultimate results of this initiatives won’t be known for at least 6 months, but the interest it generated amongst all attendees was incredible.

160919_boot_camp_big_data_ag_5I modified the delivery of this bootcamp slightly from the way I ran it in China. I included many data science case studies as the organizer wanted the bootcamp to be not just about teaching the R language, but also wanted topics about research in Big Data and Data Science. I have personally received many positive feedback, but the most important one is that we must launch BDU in Spanish!

BDU, being a community initiative, relies heavily in the passion of its members.  The people from Mexico are super excited and will be helping to translate BDU material, so we should soon see courses in Spanish popping up in our web site.

Participants loved the Data Scientist Workbench (DSWB) which ran smoothly for the entire 4 days. I’m happy with the stability the team has been able to achieve with DSWB.

I’m looking forward to a return to Mexico in 2017. The University de Guadalajara has invited me as keynote speaker in their annual conference in February!

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September 28, 2016

Big Data University

BDU China initiatives


Every time I travel to China, I can’t stop thinking that the entire population of Canada probably fits in a single Chinese city!  To serve such large population Chinese officials, professionals, and workers are used to doing things fast. Really fast.  From the moment I applied for my Chinese visa to checking-in at airports in China, I’m often amazed at the speed and efficiency in which they operate. Technological advances and adoption have followed the same pace. AliPay or WeChat Pay have gone mainstream in China for some time, while Apple Pay in the west is yet to take off.

With such great and vibrant population we could not have done something small to relaunch BDU in China. On September 3rd and 4th BDU sponsored the CDA (Certified Data Analyst) Summit in Beijing, China with an attendance of more than 3000 data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, bdu-cda-summit-pic-3students and academia.  The event put BDU in the minds and hearts of the community we want to reach. There were 6,382 people registered to the event, of which 3,221 checked-in, and others watched online.  We participated in the keynote, a panel, and 4 breakout sessions.


  • “Great opportunities ahead for Data Scientists” by Yan Yong Ji (Y.Y) Director, Analytics Platform Services on Cloud, IBM China Development Lab (CDL).
  • “BDU initiatives in China” by me (Raul F. Chong)


This was a mixed panel (not just mixed bdu-cda-summit-pic-2 backgrounds but also languages!), with the theme being: “Getting started with Data Science”. I was honored to be the moderator and to have my colleagues Saeed Aghabozorgi (BDU Chief Data Scientist), and Henry Zeng (IBM China Senior Data and Solutions Architect), with me on stage along with four other panelists representing the industry, academia, and startup companies. We managed to cover interesting questions in English and Chinese (live translation) from comparing the Chinese with the US data science outlook, to clarifying the distinction between the terms “Data Analyst”, “Data Scientist”, and “Data Engineer”. 

Breakout sessions:

  • Smarter Traffic (Henry Zeng)
  • Data science: Competition to beat humans (Saeed Aghabozorgi)
  • Data science: Methodology, tools and skills (Saeed Aghabozorgi)
  • Data science: From university to Big Data University (Saeed Aghabozorgi)

The team also participated in media interviews, and had a booth were flyers and small gifts were provided.



At the event, the following announcements were made:

With WeChat dominating social media and communication in China, we focused on launching and promoting our WeChat official BDU Account. While at the conference, this newly created account grew to more than 1000 subscribers!  If you have not yet done it, please subscribe!:

BDU WeChat QRCode
Video recording is available here:
I’m looking forward to continued collaboration with our existing BDU Ambassadors, and new partnerships for the rest of the year and 2017!

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Dave Beulke

Process to Justify an IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) Part 2

The benefits of having an IDAA appliance is something that every mainframe DB2 shop should investigate. Investigating and justifying an IDAA appliance can be done at no cost. In the previous blog, I talked about the set up steps for getting an IDAA Virtual Server configured and deployed within your...

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September 27, 2016

Big Data University

This Week in Data Science (September 27, 2016)

Here’s this week’s news in Data Science and Big Data. Smart City

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Interesting Data Science Articles and News

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New in Big Data University

  • Text Analytics – This course introduces the field of Information Extraction and how to use a specific system, SystemT, to solve your Information Extraction problem.
  • Advanced Text Analytics – This course goes into details about the SystemT optimizer and how it addresses the limitations of previous IE technologies.

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DB2 Guys

IBM DB2 – the database for the cognitive era at IBM World of Watson 2016

IBM Insight, the premiere data, analytics and cognitive IBM conference, is now part of IBM World of Watson 2016 to be held at Las Vegas from October 24-27.  This year attendees will be able to experience first-hand a world of cognitive capabilities that IBM has been at the forefront of. World of Watson incorporates the […]

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