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November 26, 2015

Willie Favero

GDGLIMIT (generation data groups limit) increased: Good, Bad, or "Who Cares" ?

(Posted Thursday, November 26, 2015) Thanks to a recent enhancement in z/OS v2.2, a change has been made to DB2 that affects the use of GDGs. However, DB2 has techniques you can use to generate unique data sets other than using GDGs.

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November 25, 2015

Big Data University

BioMetrix: Big Data For Athletes

It all started when one of the Founders of BioMetrix received a career-ending injury. Ivonna & her co-founder Gabby, were frustrated by the fact that Gabby’s career was cut short due to injury. It’s a frustration that’s shared by many athletes, who have experienced setbacks & a short lived career from injuries.

BioMetrix' co-founder Gabby
Gabby Levac, one of the cofounders of BioMetrix


At the first iteration, the BioMetrix team focused on using an adjustable shoe as a solution. But yet, an even more appropriate solution was available. The solution was to use a sensor in your shoe that tracked acceleration and rotation.

What BioMetrix does is it takes the data from their sensors, mainly acceleration, and rotation, and uses this data to represent biomechanical movements. By processing these possibly dangerous and/or incorrect biomechanical movements, and comparing them to datasets where someone is exhibiting correct form, they are able to present red flags to coaches and trainers  – who could then use this data to help adjust their players movements. As they gain more datasets from users, their model gets more and more accurate, which means being able to detect more red flag movements – and hopefully decrease the rate of injuries.

While it may have seemed more intuitive to provide conclusions to the trainers and coaches, it was a path that 23andMe had already illustrated would be filled with lawsuits and concerns from consumers. This means that for now, BioMetrix is shying away from providing conclusions, letting the coaches and trainers make the decision.

For BioMetrix, dealing with the analytics of the data is of course, the hardest part of all this. Interpreting data and deriving meaningful insight which could then be presented to the end user is no easy task. Especially when it comes to users who are edge cases, such as long distance runners.

BioMetrix is excited about shipping its product to the competitive athletic market, and to use it for rehabilitation. The direct mission of it all is to bring this sensor technology to collegiate and professional sports in order to make the rehabilitation process easier.

Catapult, a competitor who has sensors clipped on the back of athletes to prevent injuries


Catapult, a competitor, has taken this sort of tech already and implemented it to see a decrease of 12-60% in injuries; Ivonna and her team are confident they can beat those numbers. With support already from athletic departments such as Duka & UCLA, and future ambitions to detect fatigue, BioMetrix is primed to help the world realize the potential of Big Data and competitive supports.

They expect to have their first shipment up in winter of 2016, so keep an eye out for BioMetrix!


Using our online courses at Big Data University, you too can leverage the power of big data to solve real-world problems relevant to you – just like Ivonna and the team at BioMetrix.

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Willie Favero

It's Thanksgiving in the USA this Thursday (11/26/2015)

(Posted Wednesday, November 25, 2015) I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends, followers, and ?. a very happy Thanksgiving.

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Craig Mullins

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Every year this week those of us in the USA take time out to give thanks for all that we have. We do this by taking time off of work, gathering with our families, eating turkey (and a lot of other stuff), and watching football. It is one of my favorite holidays as it offers most of the joys of Christmas without many of the trappings. So with this in mind, I'd like to wish all of my readers --...

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November 24, 2015

Ember Crooks

Who/What I’m Thankful for in the DB2 Community

It is a busy time of year for DBAs. Many of us will put in a large number of hours between Friday and Monday keeping ecommerce databases running and our company’s profits rolling. But...



The Dangers of Moving DB2 Data Off of z Systems

In last week's post about the DB2 12 for z/OS ESP, I explained how customers can benefit by keeping data in DB2 for z/OS while the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator provides ETL support and analytic processing. David Beulke and Brian Smith and Bob Potter expound on this topic in two interesting posts.

November 23, 2015

Kim May

IBM Authorized Training – 2016 Public Class Schedule

The Fillmore Group’s public class schedule for the first half of 2016 is complete and in the process of being uploaded to the IBM training website at: The schedule is...

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Henrik Loeser

IDUG 2015 in Dublin: A week with friends

Last week I attended the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Dublin, Ireland 2015. It was a week together with 500+ friends, old and new. A week of sharing information about DB2, learning cool new stuff...

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November 22, 2015

Willie Favero

How to improve performance of your older COBOL programs

(Posted Sunday, November 22, 2015) COBOL has been around for more than 50 years now. According to 1997 report by the Gartner Group, it was estimated that at that point in time, there were a total of 200 billion lines of COBOL in existence running about 80% of all business programs. Statistics...

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November 21, 2015

Triton Consulting

IDUG EMEA 2015 Day 4

Dublin hosted IDUG EMEA for the first time and what a warm welcome we received. Plenty of great company, great food and of course great Guinness. Day 4 is always tinged with sadness as it is the end of IDUG … Continue reading →

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November 19, 2015

Triton Consulting

IDUG EMEA 2015 Day 3

So, Day 3 of this year’s IDUG Europe is in the books, and as usual it’s been a busy one. After all of the frantic activity leading up to Monday’s Triton/DBI party, last night the DB2 Geeks stepped it down … Continue reading →

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November 18, 2015

Dave Beulke

Hadoop SQL: 4 Reasons Why BigInsights Is the Best

The latest release of the IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop is really taking off because of its great Hadoop SQL functionality, its SQL performance, and standard security model. These BigInsights’ Hadoop SQL attributes are making it easier and faster to implement than other Hadoop SQL competing...

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Craig Mullins

Midwest DB2 User Group (Dec 4, 2015)

Just a short blog post today to promote my upcoming speaking engagement at the Midwest DB2 User Group, in Chicago. If you are in or around the Chicagoland area on December 4th, 2015 I invite you to stop by and participate in the meeting! The meeting starts at Noon and a free lunch is provided. I will be giving one of the 3 presentations that day. My presentation is titled Database and DB2 Trends...

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Triton Consulting

IDUG EMEA 2015 Day 2

I always enjoy a chat with the locals when we have an IDUG event so I spent the 30 minute taxi journey from the airport to the hotel in conversation with my driver. I think I actually understood about 3 … Continue reading →

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November 17, 2015

Data and Technology

My New Series of Articles on Data Warehouse at TechTarget

Just a short post today to alert you to a new series of articles that I am writing on data warehouse platforms for the SearchDataManagement portal at TechTarget. I will be writing four articles...

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Triton Consulting

IDUG EMEA 2015 Day 1

Obi style coach black friday belts were popular coach black friday 2015 in coach black friday recent years coach cyber monday when michael kors black friday Memoirs michael kors black friday of michael kors cyber monday 2015 a Geisha michael … Continue reading →

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Ember Crooks

A Faster Way of Joining When Applying a Distinct

I have been paying a bit of attention to cross-platform SQL optimization lately, and read this interesting post:...



IBM Launching DB2 12 for z/OS ESP

It was exciting to attend the recent IBM Insight 2015 conference -- especially now that I'm an IBM employee. Last month I was hired as a DB2 advisor for z/OS, and in that role, I'll help DB2 for z/OS customers plan their migrations and educate them on new DB2 features and other technical aspects of the IBM database.

November 13, 2015

Craig Mullins

A Quick and Dirty Guide to DB2 Performance

All performance problems are caused by change. Now as regular readers know, normally I avoid all-encompassing terms like all, always, none and never, but in this case, all is the appropriate term. If your DB2 environment is humming along and things are performing well, then the only thing that will disrupt that is a change of some form. Change can take many forms, not just a program change....

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DB2Night Replays

Z64: Understand IBM Disk and Tape Virtualization

Presented by: John Iczkovits Senior IT Specialist - IBM What Every DB2 for z/OS Professional Needs to Understand about IBM Disk and Tape Virtualization EVERYBODY (100%) in our audience learned something! John did an excellent job on explaining what disk and tape virtualization is. Do you want to know what that is? Then watch, learn and enjoy...

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November 12, 2015

Chris Eaton

Free dashDB and DB2 on Cloud Hands on Workshop at IDUG in Dublin

Next week I'm off to Dublin to take part in one of my favorite annual conferences; the IDUG EMEA DB2 Technical Conference. It's always full of great user sessions as well as sessions from some of the top DB2 experts from IBM.


This year I will be delivering a 4 hours hands on workshop on Thursday afternoon covering DB2 on Cloud, dashDB and more.  The best part is it is included with your conference registration so come out and get some hands on experience with runni


November 10, 2015

Ember Crooks

Administrative SQL Cookbook: BLU Buffer Pool Hit Ratios

Purpose These statements calculates the buffer pool hit ratio for both BLU and non-BLU activity. This post includes three SQLs – for calculating at the database, bufferpool, and tablespace...



DB2 11 Enhanced DB2 Restart

Last week I wrote about the new group buffer pool CASTOUT processing DB2 11 performs to improve overall memory constraints. Now I'll explain how castout processing relates to restarting DB2 and tell you about the new castout parameter used in the –START DB2 LIGHT() command.

November 09, 2015

Big Data University

Reaching out to the Community with BDU Meetups

As I prepare my bags for my trip to DC to launch our first Big Data University (BDU) meetup in the US, I couldn’t be happier to report the excellent attendance and interest we’ve received in BDU meetups we ran last week in four cities in Canada: Vancouver (~365 people), Toronto (~80 people), Ottawa (~80 people), and Montreal (~50 people).

Our Toronto Big Data University meetup was started in April 2014; today it has more than 3,200 members. We are currently running two BDU meetups per week until December — a very aggressive schedule — but attendance has been amazing. Two hours is typically not enough to cover a given topic, so in addition to providing links to all presentations, resources, and code; we also provide links to related BDU courses. We are also recording all of our events, so if you’d like to watch a replay, simply go to

Early in the game we realized we could not satisfy audiences of different skill level. Therefore we decided to run on Tuesdays Data Science topics for beginners, and on Thursdays Data Science topics for a more intermediate/advanced crowd.

Partnering with local universities, we were able to find ideal venues that are easily accessible to attendees. On Tuesdays, our BDU meetups are at the University of Toronto (thanks to UofT continuing studies), and on Thursdays, we run our meetups at Ryerson University (thanks to Ryerson – RC4 and LaunchZone!) With Ryerson University we are also organizing a Social Media for Social change competition, and SportsHack 2015 (another blog post about this is coming). We are also collaborating with Ryerson University professor Dr. Murtaza Haider, author of the book “Getting started with Data Science“.

Toronto BDU Meetup

We’ve involved the community in Toronto to present at our meetups. For example, Martin Magdinier presented about OpenRefine and Armando Benitez presented about Machine Learning – Prediction with Artificial Neural Networks in the past; excellent community presenters. We’ve even gotten sponsorship every now and then from Panago pizza (excellent pizza!)

Using a cloud-based tool called Data Scientist Workbench (DSWB) we are able to have the attendees up and running in no time and learning hands-on the given subject (be it through Python, R, or Scala) without bothering to install anything. For all of our meetups except the very first one (which is the inaugural one) we ask attendees to bring their laptop so they follow the presenter with hands-on exercises. People love this!

With the success in Toronto, we decided to try things in other cities where we could find similar characteristics as in Toronto. On November 3rd we ran our first BDU meetup in Montreal. As mentioned earlier, we got 50 people to attend which was definitely great for an inaugural meetup.

Dr. Haider who is also an adjunct professor at McGill University in Montreal travelled to Montreal that day (for other reasons), but also helped us support the event which started with an interview-style presentation about “Getting started with Data Science”, followed by a demo about Watson Analytics, and then another demo of DSWB by Saeed Aghabozorgi.

Montreal BDU Meetup

The idea was to introduce ourselves in our first meetup and to present topics that would be of appeal to all skill levels. Starting a new community in a new city can be a challenge, and after the Montreal event we were notified another meetup about Big Data was happening the same day. That was unfortunate and we will be more careful next time, as we strive to build a community and collaborate with other meetups in town. Though we cannot get to know the entire community in one single meetup, we did meet key community members who would like to be our local “BDU ambassadors”. We will work with them and we encourage other community members to contact us if interested.

That same day in Toronto, we ran a workshop about Watson Analytics at UofT; this was our usual Tuesday meetup. And finally in Vancouver, we run that same night a BDU meetup at UBC. Partnering with Tony Hui from DataSense we run a panel about Data Science with local data scientists and also other presentations about Watson, Watson Analytics, and DSWB by Polong Lin and Karen Mott. This meetup was probably the largest we’ve had (or close to one we had in Toronto in September) with about 250 people attending as you can see in the picture below by Tony Hui.

Vancouver BDU Meetup at UBC

Given that Polong had travelled from Toronto to Vancouver to support the meetup, we took advantage of his presence to also run another meetup on Nov 4th at Launch Academy with a smaller (but interesting) crowd of about 35 people, and then another meetup at SFU on Nov 5th with a very passionate crowd of attendees (about 80).

That same night on Nov 5th, we run our first meetup in Ottawa with another 80 people. It was our first meetup in Ottawa and we held it at HubOttawa. We repeated the same format we had used in Montreal, but this time, we held our interview-style presentation with Dr. Haider via Skype. Surprisingly, it worked very well.

Ottawa BDU Meetup

We did have similar challenges in Ottawa as in Montreal were some people didn’t feel the content was appropriate to their needs. This was our first meetup and we understand one size doesn’t fit all. What has worked well in Toronto will need adjustments in other cities; nonetheless, we got more encouraging comments than negative ones. With no fear of failure, I think we are moving in the right direction!

And speaking of moving in the right direction, in our BDU meetups we don’t just want you to learn about data science, but invite you to apply your new skills towards social good. At BDU we are aligning as much of the things we do with the UN Global Goals for sustainable development.

In addition to the people I’ve already mentioned (who we very much thank), I’d also like to give thanks to the rest of the team involved in coordinating all of these activities (I hope I didn’t miss anyone):

  • In Toronto: Grace Barker, Leo Wu, Teresa Sing, Katya Katsnelson, Leon Katsnelson
  • In Vancouver: Antonio Cangiano, Lighthouse Labs, and SFU (Venture Labs)
  • In Ottawa: Ana-Rita Silva
  • In Montreal: Zak Patterson (Concordia Professor in Montreal)
  • Watson Analytics Team: Randy Messina, Khush Gill

Wish us luck in DC!

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November 06, 2015

DB2Night Replays

The DB2Night Show #165: DB2 LUW Real World Essentials

Authors of DB2 LUW 10.1/10.5 Certification Study Guide Special Guests: Mohan Saraswatipura & Kent Collins Real World DB2 LUW DBA Essentials! 100% of our audience learned something! Our guests talked about DB2 pureScale efficient page reclaims, understanding connection methods and member subsets, compression techniques with comparisons, and replicated MQT problems and solutions. Watch and learn...

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Willie Favero

November 2015 (RSU1510) service package has been tested and is now available

(Posted Friday, November 6, 2015) Testing for RSU service package RSU1510 is now complete. This November 4, 2015 "3rd Quarter Quarterly Report 1st Addendum" (55.5 KB PDF file) is based on RSU1503 recommendations and contains ALL service through the end of June 2015 not already marked RSU. This...

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November 05, 2015

Ember Crooks

Insight 2015 Brain Dump

I call my post-conference blog posts brain dumps because that is largely what they are – information formatted in a way my brain understands but not necessarily as thoroughly organized and...


November 04, 2015

Dave Beulke

5 Important Ideas from IBM Insight Conference

The IBM Insight conference was last week and on the long flight home I was thinking how this year’s conference was different from previous years’ events. Here are my five big takeaways from this year’s conference. There is way too much open source. With open source the landscape of file managers,...

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November 03, 2015


November 02, 2015

Big Data University

Join Our Canadian Data Science Meetups

Big Data University is quickly becoming more than just a website. It’s a movement that’s bringing cutting edge technology education to countless people around the world.

This year, with the support of IBM, we are heavily investing in taking BDU on the road to create communities of big data experts and data scientists through meetups.

Canadian Data Science Meetups

Most of our team lives in Canada, so we started in our own (huge) backyard, with the creation of four Canadian data science meetups. At the moment you can join the following meetups:

This week we’re holding a pivotal event in each of these cities, as you can see from our events page. The event is going to be a practical introduction to Data Science and Watson Analytics (in which we also discuss our partnership with the UN). It’s a great opportunity to get started in Data Science.

The key dates for these events are:

Okay, so technically the last one is in the USA, not in Canada. :) Here is the deal. We are starting with Canada, but we don’t want to stop there. We fully intend to create meetups around the world. However in order to do so, we’ll need the help of ambassadors, which can be companies, professors, or even students that are passionate about data science and analytics, and who wish to help us grow a local community of data science enthusiasts.

More details about the ambassador program will be provided at a later date. Meanwhile, if you are seriously interested, live in a big city, and think you can bring a hundred or more people in a room to geek out about data science, please get in touch.

Now, you might wonder what’s the deal with the three Vancouver events. They are the same event, just held in three different locations on different days. The event on the 3rd that’s being held at UBC is likely to be the most popular (based on RSVP numbers), so we’ve decided to invite a panel of data scientists (who will not be there on the 4th or 5th.)

If you can’t make it, or don’t live anywhere near our Canadian data science meetups, you can always watch our livestreams or their recordings (where provided). You will miss out on the pizza and pop though. :)

We are going to be having new events all the time. Thus joining your local Big Data University meetup is the best way to be notified of new events in your area. I also recommend subscribing to this blog (see sidebar), and checking the events page from time-to-time.

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Dave Beulke

More DB2 Family Security Best Practices Part 6

The next part (Part 6) of this DB2 Family Security Best Practices blog talks about beginning to audit your DB2 zOS security related configuration to understand the different user id and environment considerations/vulnerabilities. There are many different DB2 security areas that a DBA and system...

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Craig Mullins

IBM Insight 2015 Wrap-Up

Last week I attended the IBM Insight conference and blogged about the first few days of the conference here at… and I promised to blog about the remainder of the conference, so here is a synopsis of the highlights. On Wednesday, the focus of the general session was on IBM’s acquisition of The Weather Company’s...

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